L'oreal Pastel Toning Conditioner review

I have been wanting to try the L'oreal Feria Pastel Toning Conditioner for a while now but I haven't got round to buying it. I decided when I was out shopping the other day that I would pick one up, I decided to get the pastel lilac for £6 at Asda.

The instructions say that you need to apply the toning conditioner to wet hair. I therefore wet my hair and put on an old T-shirt incase it stained. I sectioned my hair into two and applied it to the tips as this is where I wanted the lilac to go. It also says that you can brush it through with a comb which I did as well. I used about a 10 pence size of the conditioner for each part of my hair. It says that you should leave it for 15 minutes, however my friend used the pink one and it didn't really show up on her hair so I decided to leave it on for longer. I left it on for about 45 minutes and then washed it off after and left it to dry naturally. I could see that the tips had turned slightly purple when it was still wet so I hoped that this was a good sign. You can't see that well in the photo but the tips are slightly purple.

I then put my hair up in a bun and left it to dry over night and part of the next day. I could see that my hair had slightly turned lilac-ish at the tips but it seemed to look more silver than lilac. I am not sure if my hair wasn't light enough to begin with that it hasn't turned full pastel lilac or if I needed to apply more of the toner than I did.

I decided that I would apply the toner again to see if it would turn my hair any more lilac as now it was more lighter than it was before. I applied it this time on dry hair and I put a lot more of the product on making sure I covered the area I wanted to be lilac. I left it on for about 45 minutes again, I found that it turned out a lot better than the first attempt as it was a lot clearer in natural light that it was lilac. 

I washed my hair and the colour is still there, it isn't as lilac as it was it has faded slightly but as it only lasts 3-5 washes that will happen. 

Overall I am quite impressed with the product, although you would defiantly need a very light blonde base for the toner to work. With the lilac because you can get purple toner to cancel out the yellow/orange tones it will help lighten the hair. I will defiantly be trying out the other toners as well. I have found that I have got loads of the product left so for £6 it does go a long way if you are only doing a small amount of your hair like I have done. 

If you don't want to go down the toner route there are temporary hair dyes which I have previously used which would work as well. They are a bit cheaper and if you mix say a tiny bit of purple with conditioner it will turn it into a lilac pastel colour. 

I shall post an update on how long the colour stays in my hair. I am guessing now that my ends have been toned with a purple that once the dye clears the ends will be a lot lighter than the rest of my hair. However as I have ombre hair this shouldn't matter too much it should easily just blend in with the rest of my blonde. 

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