Lee Stafford hair growth treatment quick update.

Just a quick update about my hair growth:

I said in my last post about this product that I had noticed my roots coming through. It is quite hard to tell because they are only slightly darker than the dark blonde my hair is dyed. As I had noticed that they had grown quite a bit so I decided to measure how much they have actually grown, I was quite impressed as they have grown about 1/2 an inch. I did try to take a photo of my roots but they weren't showing up very good on camera.

My hair normally grows this much in a month so to grow this in not even two weeks yet I am so impressed! I haven't even used the product that much either, as I wash my hair every 2-3 days. As my hair seems to be growing more quicker because of this product I am wanting to use it more but I am trying to resist the urge!

I have noticed as well that my hair is a lot softer than it used to be. I noticed this mostly yesterday when I washed my hair and left it to dry naturally I couldn't believe how soft it felt once it was nearly completely dry.

Fingers crossed that my hair keeps on growing this fast!


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