Prairie rose jumper wildfox copy

I ended up buying the rose jumper that I saw on ebay. It was about £15 and it was sent out as soon as I brought it. It came a few days later maybe sooner if it hadn't snowed! 

The material is very thin and you would defiantly need to wear a top underneath because of this. The jumper is a bit short for me as I do prefer them to be a bit longer but because of this I paired it with a long black top so it didn't bother me as much. 

The rips in the jumper seem to be in about the same place on each sleeve and at the bottom of the jumper. 

Although the jumper is meant to be pink, it is quite pale and almost looks quite like a pale peachy pink rather than a pink pink. The flowers stand out well they feel a bit rough compared to the rest of the jumper but this is only on the outside where it looks like it has been painted on. The jumper itself is very soft, I have quite sensitive skin and I was not irritated at all by the jumper.

The only problem is that there are no washing guides on the jumper, it has no labels at all. So I will be very careful when washing it!

 I was a bit worried at first as sometimes on ebay things are a lot smaller than the size they say they are. For the size 8-12 or medium as it is sometimes posted, I found it not to be a problem at all, it fitted me perfectly.

If you don't want to spend about £200 for a designer one, I would recommend getting the copy of the jumper off ebay.


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