Jumper that I want!

I have seen quite a few people wearing the prairie rose sweater from Wildfox or a copy and I love it!


It is quite expensive at over £200 however but there are some copies on ebay which go for much cheaper some even under £20. 

I may order one from ebay it says a size medium fits 8-12 so it should fit me fine it is meant to be oversized anyway. Although I am a fan of the cream/white sweater I think that by choosing a different colour would make it a lot easier to wear. Some of the sellers on ebay are selling cream, pink and even blue versions. So I may invest in a blue or pink sweater. I love jumpers but the ones I have at the moment at quite thick which is sometimes too much, especially if I am in a stuffy lecture room at uni. I therefore think that this jumper would be great to wear on a day to day basis with some simple leggings and a basic strappy top underneath.

E xo


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