Game of Thrones collectors edition review

My lovely boyfriend brought me the Game of Thrones collectors edition. It comes in this beautiful case, with two books and two maps. 

The books are the storyboards from episode 1-20 and a sort of behind the scenes book. The behind the scenes book has information about the different places and characters and some wonderful images of the sets, scenes and costumes plus more!

The maps are of Westeros and the whole region. 

As I have only just got this I haven't had time to read it but I have had a quick look through.  The books look and feel beautiful most of all the behind the scenes book. I think that it has been put together brilliantly and for someone who is doing a course about set design, characters and so on I love books like this. It really gives you an insight to see the length that the design team go through in order to produce some amazing TV. 

As for the price it was on offer on amazon for about £20 however now it has apparently gone back up. It is still a lot cheaper than the original price though. 

I think that these books are perfect for a fan and I can not wait until the next season in a few days!!!!

E xo


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