Lee Stafford hair growth treatment review.


I have been growing my hair since about October last year after I decided that dying my hair a light blonde often and wearing extensions wasn't the right path to go down anymore. I therefore changed my hair, dying it a dark blonde near the roots (to match my natural hair colour) and giving it an ombre effect to allow my natural colour a dark blonde to grow through. My hair has seemed to have grown quite a lot since October maybe about 3 inches maybe more, as it was just below my shoulders to begin with. Since I have now decided to grow out my fringe after having it for the last god knows how many years I would like my hair to grow a bit faster and it better condition! I looked up a few different ways to make hair a better condition and for it to grow quicker and I decided to buy this as the reviews I had read/watched were good so I thought I would try it. It says that it will stimulate my roots to allow my hair to grow and to also keep the rest of my hair in a healthy condition. 

I brought it from my local boots at £7.99 it was on offer for 3 for 2 but because it was my first time using this product I didn't want to buy loads of tubs of it just in case it didn't work on my hair. I have only used the product twice so far as I brought it at the beginning of the week. I normally wash my hair every 2-3 days and so I plan to use the hair treatment each day I wash it. 

It says that you need to use an 'egg' sized amount and leave it on the hair for 5 minutes. I did not use an egg sized amount I think that an egg size would be far too much product to use on my length of hair. I therefore took small amounts of the product and worked it into my hair until it felt like the roots were covered, I then finger combed my hair to distribute the remaining product that was left on my hands through the rest of my hair. 

I found the product to be a great consistency, it wasn't too runny nor too thick. Although I am not a fan of pink I found the packaging and colour of the product not too bad. I did make me feel quite girly! I have read about some people not liking the scent of the product or loving it. To be honest I expected it to smell quite floral because of the pink theme but this is not the case. I can't quite put my finger on what it actually smells like but the scent isn't bad at all. I did find that the scent is sometimes left in my hair, but when I use the other products I put on my hair it fades slightly. 

So far I have found that my hair feels a lot smoother and healthier obviously there is no rapid hair growth! It isn't going to make my hair be mermaid length in just a few washes. However it will hopefully stimulate my roots to make hair grow! So I am hoping that my hair will grow a bit faster and healthier than it normally does! My hair grows about half an inch or so each month now with this product hopefully a bit more. I shall be writing on here my hair progress to see what happens! 

(Sorry for the dark photos I took them at night! I shall replace them)

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