Pale skin, which foundation?


As I have quite pale skin I always find it quite difficult to find a shade of foundation that doesn't make me look orange and actually last most of the day. I thought I would talk about my foundation experience over the past year or so. 

For the past few months I had been using the L'oreal Infallible makeup lasting perfecting foundation in no.15 porcelain. I found the shade to be the best out there for someone with pale skin who doesn't want to pay loads. 

However the problem I had with this product is the fact that I have combination skin, I have oily areas, dry and normal. It says in very small writing on the back of the product that it is for all skin types, but even with primer I found that the foundation didn't last very long. I found that I kept on having to powder my oily areas throughout the day even though it says that it 'fights the signs of make-up meltdown' for me this wasn't the case. I even changed my primer to see if this helped but sadly it was the same. 

The price for this foundation is just over £12 which for me was quite a lot to be spending on foundation  as I am a student and I don't have a lot of money. Still I brought the foundation again and again for about 8 months or so. 

The primer I changed from was 17 Photo Flawless, I found that this primer was perfectly fine but it just didn't seem to work well with the foundation. 

The primer has a clearish colour, quite gel like and goes on quite well, it makes your face certainly feel smooth once you put it on.

I had a coupon for Boots for some money off No7 products, as a friend of mine works in Boots she helped me find a good primer that would work on my skin.

 I picked up the Beautifully Matter primer as it says it 'stops shine for a matte finish and improves blemishes'. It is £10.50 in Boots normally, I got a couple of pound off it with the coupon so it only cost me about £8. I found that this primer was a lot better than the 17 one I had been using and I plan to get it again once I run out. 

This primer is white, almost like a thick cream when you put it on you can feel your skin smoothing over and becoming a matte canvas. 

While I was using the Infallible foundation I still looked out for other foundations that would be better for my foundation needs.

I did buy a few cheaper foundations such as 17 Miracle Matte foundation in soft ivory. As it was a Matte foundation I thought that this would help my face look less shiny which wasn't the case. 

The colour was too dark for my skin as well even though it was the lightest they had. 

As I was running out of the Infallible foundation I was planning to buy some more when I saw that the L'oreal True Match foundation was on offer. I can't remember exactly how much it was I think it might have been buy one get one half price, but I am not too sure. The foundation itself is just over £10 in Boots, I got it in the shade R1-C1 rose ivory. 

I tested it on myself in the shop and I found that it was slightly darker than the Infallible foundation but it was something I could work with, I found that if you blended it in quite a lot it did match my skin. 

I have been using this foundation for maybe about a month and I am so pleased with the results. I have quite a bit of red pigmentation in my face and the foundation completely covers it. I have found that it lasts a lot longer than the other foundations I have used and I do not need to powder my face as often as I did before. I have also found that a little foundation goes a long way although this might be thanks to the Real Techniques brushes I use to put on my foundation they are amazing! 

The powder I use is one I have been using for years, I have had no problems with it and I don't plan to change it any time soon. 

It is the Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in 18 ivory. 

E xo


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