Tangle Teezer review

I had been thinking for a while about buying the Tangle Teezer as I had heard quite a lot of good reviews about it. As my hair is getting longer and my normal round brush does pull at my hair at times I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a Tangle Teezer. 

I went into my local Boots and brought an orange one which is priced at £10.99 which I wouldn't normally pay for a hair brush but because of the good reviews I decided to invest. 'The Tangle Teezer’s unique teeth configuration delivers rapid, pain-free detangling as well as polishing hair for high shine'.

I have been using the brush for the past two weeks and I have noticed that a lot less hair has been coming out when I brush it and it does leave my hair with a bit of a shine. At first I thought it may be hard to brush my hair because it does not have a handle like a normal brush, but the way that the brush is designed it is very easy to use. I would defiantly recommend the brush!


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