Lighter hair please?!

I used to dye my hair quite a lot which was very very bad for my hair and it ended up being so so short!   I have been nearly every colour under the rainbow at one point but I decided to go for a more natural colour since I have been at uni (so for the past 3 years). For the past year maybe I have been growing it, hardly dying my hair, not putting heat on it being a good girl and so on.

However yesterday I had the 'bright' idea of going lighter for the summer. Well technically my hair is quite light, I mean half my hair is light blonde the other is medium blonde to dark blonde but I wanted it all light blonde. So I hopped off to Asda with my boyfriend to get a few bits and pieces and ended up picking up some hair dye while I was there. (I shall do a review on the hair dye on another post this is just my 3 hour hair crisis). I decided I wanted to go a lovely light golden blonde to look like the sun had blessed my locks. I even checked the colour chart on the side of the box and it said that on dark blonde hair it would go pretty light, to about the same lightness as my light blonde ends! This was not the case.

About 4 hours ago I put on the hair dye, I was excited and nervous as I have had some bad experiences with hair dye. Such as my hair going pink when it was meant to be blonde, and the green hair dye I just wanted on a section on my hair leaking out onto my white blonde hair turning my whole hair green. Yup, bad experiences indeed. I made sure I had done everything right, I decided that I would put the dye on my darker section of hair first then put it on the rest of my hair after a period of time. On the leaflet it said about 20 minutes if you was doing your roots and 10 for the rest of your hair so I basically followed these instructions.

At first it seemed like it was going well, my hair looked like it was turning lighter, brilliant I thought! So when the 30 minutes was up (it was maybe actually 40 I forgot to check the time) I jumped in the shower and washed my hair.

I decided that I would dry a section of my hair with my hair dryer just to see what colour my hair had turned out. 'Oh my god' I thought. My roots which was just over an inch I'd say had turned bright orange. Yup bright orange. I have nothing against orange hair, I have often wanted orange hair but when I was trying to get blonde hair orange is the last colour I want to be! My dark blonde that had been dyed dark blonde (because my roots are slightly different colour to my dark blonde that I dyed the light blonde hair when I ombred it) was still a dark blonde, maybe a medium blonde. It was darker than the rest of my hair, the light blonde on the other half of my hair was fine, looked lovely sun kissed B E A U T I F U L  if only the rest of my hair had gone the same way. 

Now I had a few options here I'd like to think

1) go in total panic mode and cry (which I have done before)
2) put some bleach on my hair and purple shampoo the crap out of it which would be even more damaging to my hair 
3) live with it 
4) dark blonde on top again and ombre it up 

I decided to go for option 4 which I think was the best choice. I often highlight and lowlight my moms hair, she has the same natural dark blonde I do and so she did have some dark blonde hair dye in her wardrobe which is the same that I normally use when doing my roots. She lovingly let me use her hair dye which she had about half a bottle left which was just enough. So thankfully now I am back to my ombred hair. 

I know that I could of turned my hair into a lighter blonde with some purple shampoo and bleach which I have done before, but it would mean spending more money which I don't really have. The hair dye at the end of the day didn't mix well with my hair which can sometimes happen, its how my hair turned pink before when I used a blonde hair dye. I know I am not the only one that this has happened to, my nan's hair for instance sometimes used to go green or pink depending on the brand of hair dye! Maybe its a genetic thing?! Who knows! I am not saying that the hair dye was rubbish because I know other people who have used the hair dye and it has worked brilliantly for them. It just works differently for different people. 

What have I learnt from this experience? Well I know that not always your hair can go the way you want it to, from my many bad experiences I know that it can sometimes go wrong. I would still rather do it myself though than go to a salon because I have had bad experiences at salons as well and it's pricey! I am not telling anyone out there what to do when it comes down to your own hair, I am no expert. This was just my experience that I found quite funny and thought I would share it to who ever may read this. 


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