Lee Stafford hair growth 2 week update

It has been two weeks since I have started to use the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment. I have defiantly noticed a change, my hair feels a lot more healthy, it feels very soft as well. 

My hair has grown about half an inch which it does normally grow in a month so it looks like it is growing twice as fast. I want my hair to be about another 6 inches long which is about a years worth of hair growth maybe more because of regular hair cuts. So hopefully this time period will shorten because of using this product. 

I have noticed however that my roots seem to need washing after the second day when normally it is the third. This may be because I am not fully washing the product out of my hair so I will have to make sure I wash all of the product out. I may even try washing my hair again with shampoo after as this may help remove all of the product. Or it may be that my hair is getting used to having a different product near my roots apart from shampoo and so it may clear up after my hair has gotten used to it. 

I still have a lot of the product left which I am glad because it costs so much! I will try to pick some more up soon so I am ready for when I have ran out. I know that some people I have read/watched talk about this product have used up the tub in about a month. I doubt this will be the case for me as I don't need to wash my hair often and I am only putting it on my roots and a tiny bit on the rest of my hair. 


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