Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in 'Charm' review

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain in charm I had ordered came in the post a few days ago!

I sometimes find that the colour that is on the packaging to show what colour the product is most of the time incorrect. However I found that the packaging colour was almost the same colour as the product, it is such a good match that you defiantly know what shade you are getting. I quite liked the fact that you don't have to sharpen it like a normal 'pencil' type makeup product. You just have to twist the silver bottom and it turned up, but don't turn it up to much because you may break it! 

The colour is a little pigmented although I have heard that this lighter shade isn't as pigmented as some of the darker shades. As it is sort of a nude coral shade it doesn't need to be that pigmented as it just looks like that your lips are slightly tinted. 



(The natural lighting in the pictures is slightly different because of the sun!)

I have quite naturally dark lips so I found that the colour made my lips a bit paler but with a hint of coral which I do quite like. It has quite a minty scent as well which I thought would bother me at first because sometimes some mint scents can give me a headache, but I didn't find the mint scent to be a problem. 

After a few hours my lips were a bit darker but the stain was still showing up. I even tested it out not long after I had put it on by drinking a cup of tea and the stain still seemed to be on my lips as nothing showed up on the mug unlike some lip products may do.  Normally with lip products I only wear them sometimes on a night out, however because this shade is quite subtle I find that I am wanting to wear it out in the day time. 

I would recommend this product as I think that it is worth the money, I am glad that I took a leap and brought a lip stain after having no luck with lipsticks. I did look at cheaper versions of the same style of product but because of the good reviews I had seen/heard I am really glad that I brought this one instead of a cheaper version. I am not saying that the cheaper versions aren't good because for all I know they could be brilliant, I just haven't tried them out. As I have had some success with this shade I may go out and buy some other shades because Revlon do have some beautiful colours that are from what I have heard are wonderfully pigmented. 


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