Primark, Boots and H&M Haul

I have recently been to Boots a few times, Primark and H&M this is what I picked up:

From Boots it was still 3 for 2 thank god so I picked up two pots of the Lee Stafford hair treatment that I have been using as the product seems to be working really well for me I decided to get some more. Although I could of brought 3 pots for the price of 2 I decided to get something else as my free purchase.

I picked up a Aussie 3 minute deep conditioning treatment, my friends had told me that they are really good, I have never really tried anything from the Aussie brand so I thought I would get a hair mask as I do love a good hair mask. As soon as I got home I opened it to see what it smelt of. My god it smells beautiful!!! Can't wait to put this on my hair.

Another trip to Boots I decided to treat myself to some new nail varnish, I have been wanting some pale blue nail varnish for a while now so I decided to pick some up. I decided to get the textured nail effects in the colour Atlantic Road by Barry M. It is £3.99 which isn't bad for some nail varnish really.

I often go for the Barry M nail varnishes when I go to Boots because I find that they have a wonderful range of colours. I normally get them when they are on offer, which they were, if you brought two Barry M nail varnishes you got £1 off I think it was. I did like the look of the yellow and I was actually going to buy the yellow in the texture effect because I fancied something different to having normal shiny nails. However with the yellow it has tiny gold bits in it, I am not a gold person. Nothing wrong with the colour I am just not a huge fan, I would rather have silver jewellery or a vintage brass type colour. I wasn't so keen on having gold bits on my nails. So I therefore decided against it, I looked at the other range of colours that they have in the collection and none of them seemed to have any gold bits in it so why have this just for the yellow?

I decided to get a clear coat as well as mine had run out. I picked up the Base coat, Top coat and Nail Hardener as it was in the offer so I thought I might as well. I don't know if it does make my nails harder as well but we shall see! It is £2.99 normally.

I also picked up some blush, I have used the natural collection blush in Rose Cloud for so long now I don't actually know when I first started using it. I never used to wear blush when I was younger, as I quite liked being pale and not having much colour in my cheeks. I think that when I did put blush on my face I didn't have a nice shade that suited me. With this shade of pink it is just right, it is not too dark nor too light it is a lovely shade of pink that shows up just right on my face. It is also cheap which is a bonus! £1.99 for some blush.

Speaking of blush I did see this beautiful pinky/orange blush palette in H&M it was I think £2.99, I am not sure on the price but it is cheap. I am defiantly going to pick it up if I remember next time I am in there.

From Primark I just got a few things, I picked up a grey men's hoodie. I find that the men's hoodies are a lot baggier than the women's which I prefer. Also the men's seemed a lot softer than the women's for some reason. I was going to get it in a small but I decided to get it in a medium just so it is extra baggie. I brought it to wear around the house and maybe to the supermarket or something when it is warmer. It was £10 which isn't bad at all for a hoodie. It is so comfy to wear as well, I put it on as soon as I got home and changed into my comfy clothes, I do not want to take it off! It is quite thin and it has a thin fleece lining but it is so comfy and it does keep me warm so it is perfect. (I forgot to take a photo of this so I shall do another day).

I also picked up this letter top which I have seen a few of the beauty youtubers that I follow purchase. It is a square sort of shape with rolled up sleeves. I got it in a larger size than what I would normally get just because I prefer things to be bigger and longer. The material is very see through so you would need to wear a top underneath or one of those bandeau type tops. It still isn't as long as normal tops that I would buy as it is quite short but I thought I could put it with a maxi skirt or some shorts and it would be fine. The top was £12, I was surprised at the price as normally Primark tops aren't that expensive, their prices seem to be increasing lately. Has anyone else noticed?!

I picked up this orange maxi skirt as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to get it! I wasn't having much luck in Primark until I saw this skirt. Myself and my friend had gone around the bottom and first floor and this skirt was right by the escalator on the top floor and I loved it! I have two other maxi skirts that  are both black one is straight up and down and the other is pleated. The orange is quite bright it is almost sort of a burnt orange not too in your face but it is still a nice pop of colour to add to my wardrobe. I could wear it with some darker tops as I mainly do have quite dark tops anyway. The material looks as if it would be see through like the top I brought but it isn't at all. This is good because I can get away with wearing this in the summer with bare legs and some shoes or even on the colder days with some tights and boots. The skirt was £10 which isn't that bad for a maxi skirt that is quite thick.

On another trip into town I decided to invest in the yellow Barry M textured nail varnish, I know I said I wasn't too keen about having the gold bits in but it has been on my mind since I had brought the blue one. I found that nail varnish to be great, I really love it (I shall do a review on both once I have worn both). So I decided that I would give in and buy the yellow one, Station Road! I am glad I did and I can't wait to wear it! £3.99

I popped into H&M as well while I was in town getting a few things for uni. My cousin had posted on her facebook a photo of herself wearing a maxi grey dress. She told me it was from H&M and was only £10, she said it came in quite a few colours. I have wanted a maxi black dress since last summer. I remember seeing some in H&M but they never had my size so I never got a chance to get one. So I decided I would grab one while they might still have my size. I looked at the ones that my cousin had told me about but the material was thin, I did try on a grey one as the black the material was far too thin. However even the grey one you could see my underwear so this was a defiant no no for me! There was a slit each side of the dress as well but the material was so thin I didn't feel very comfortable in it.

While I was walking around H&M I saw this other maxi dress in their basics range, thicker material but a little bit shorter than the grey one my cousin had told me about with no splits. They have four colours in this dress, black, grey, blue and a white and blue patterned one. A basic straight up straight down maxi dress with a scooped neck. I tried it on and I loved it, I decided to get it in a bigger size than what I tried on just because it would be more flowy. I didn't want to be walking around in the summer with a not too tight dress on boiling hot I want it to flow and allow the air to circulate. I tried it on when I got home and I felt much more comfortable in it. I will need to invest in a plain black bra though because you can see a bit of my bra when I put it on. This dress was a bit more money, it was £12.99 but I am glad I found a nice black maxi dress at last!

While I was in H&M I picked up the blush I spoke about above. It was only £2.99 so not that expensive and you get a range of colours in the blush. Orange, corals, pinks and glitter! I opened it up when I got home as it was sealed in a little plastic bag at the shop. If you lift up the blush powder there is a mirror on the other side with a brush to apply the blush with. I won't be using this as I prefer to use my Real Techniques brush set to apply my blush with.


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