Lee Stafford hair growth 4 week update

Bit behind on my update been rather busy with uni work! I have a few more posts to upload as well when I get the chance, a haul and some reviews to come.

Anyway just over 4 weeks since I have been using this product. I went out and brought some more that was in the 3 for 2 Boots offer, I ended up just getting 2 more pots and something else (which will be featured in the haul post). 

I haven't used up the first pot yet, I have just under half of the pot left. So it has lasted me quite well, I think maybe I haven't been putting as much on as some other people who I have seen/read reviews on this product. I have only been putting it on my roots though and massaging it in, I have stopped putting it on the rest of my hair because I feel like I don't need it. My hair is in pretty good condition as it is, I hardly ever put heat on my hair (about once a month normally) I let it dry naturally and I always put on oils and deep conditioning treatments on the ends of the hair. So I feel like putting it on the rest of my hair is just a waste. 

Lately I have really noticed how long it is getting which is great! I think maybe it is because I have had my hair in a bun a lot as I haven't been out much so I haven't had the need to have my hair down. I measured my roots at the beginning of the week and they were nearly an inch long which is impressive. It is growing nearly twice as fast I would say as it normally does. I have defiantly noticed my layers getting longer which is making my hair look thicker which I love. 

My fringe is still in the awkward stage at the moment so I have been pinning it under some of my hair so it is out of the way. This I feel makes my hair look longer as well as my fringe was quite chunky I had quite a lot of fringe and so when my hair is down it looks like I have really short layers when it is just my fringe. If this makes sense? I have found it a lot easier to wear my hair in a side parting rather than in the middle like I used to because I can pin my fringe easier. 

Not much else to say really, I am going to try to take a photo of my roots for the next post to show how much it has grown. 


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