Revlon Just Bitten Kissable

I have never really been a fan of lipstick, I have on some occasions brought some and worn it out. However I always think that I go for the wrong colours that doesn't suit me. 

I remember this one time I was going out on a Saturday night and I had red lipstick on and a black dress nothing too fancy and my mom said that the shade of lipstick didn't suit me. Thanks mom! Since this comment I have never really worn lipstick out on a day to day basis or even on a night out. I could see where she was coming from, I just didn't think that the shade of lipstick suited my skin tone. 

The only lipsticks I have brought have been cheap MUA ones that if I can remember you can get for a couple of pound from Superdrug. Colours such as a few different shades of red and a light pink. I didn't want to buy anything too expensive because of my track record with failing lipstick. 

For a while now I have been wanting to have some sort of lip product that I can wear. I feel like the makeup I wear at the moment has gotten quite boring and I want to add something new to it but still keep it quite natural looking. I brought a Boots own make tinted lip balm as it was the winter and I needed something to moisturise my lips. It reminded me of one that I had when I was younger that I was obsessed with so I thought I would try it out. It was quite pinky too pinky for me I wasn't too keen on it but I kept on using it throughout the winter to save my lips from the cold. 

However some of the wonderful youtubers that I watch mentioned the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I watched a few different reviews on them and I decided that I would invest. I did see them in my local Boots and I was going to buy one but I didn't know what colour was best. I did try to swatch some on my hand but the sample ones weren't in a good condition at all so I didn't fancy touching them! (Sort it out Boots!)

I think that I would rather go for a nude colour rather than a red or another colour. The makeup I wear when I go out is quite natural and toned down, just some foundation, blusher, brown eye liner and mascara nothing too fancy! So I think that a nude colour will go perfect with my day to day look. 

As I am not too sure when I will be next near a store that sells the balm stain I decided I would order some off the internet. I had a look around and I found a company on Ebay that is selling them sealed, brand new for about £2 cheaper than they are Boots and Superdrug (£7.99 each normally). I ordered the balm stain in Charm as it is a nude coral colour which I am hoping will suit me better than previous lip product purchases. 

It should hopefully be sent out tomorrow and be with me in a few days so I shall do a review on it when it comes. 


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