Sheinside black hoodie coat

My first order from Shesinside, I recently brought this coat:

It is called a 'black hoodie belt waist open long coat' and it was £19.54 reduced to £15.55. I ordered it on the 8th Jan and it turned up today. I had to sign for it as well which is good as I don't really like finding parcels in the porch as anyone could just take it out and I wouldn't know. 

The coat came in a grey plastic package, when I opened it up it was in a zip bag that had sheinside written on it which I thought was a nice touch. The zip bag was quite thick plastic so you know that if the outer package got knocked about the items inside the zip bag should be fine. 

I had to order the medium as there wasn't any size small left. It does look like the image, however I did find that the hood seemed to be a bit small from what it looked like on the photos. Most hoods tend to be too small for my head (do I have a big head?!) but I thought that this hood would be alright because it does look quite big in the photos, sadly it isn't. The arms feel a tad tight but I did have a dress and quite a thick jumper on when wearing it. The arms are also slightly too short as well, I do like the arms to be quite long on coats, cardigans etc but it is something I can get away with as it isn't that noticeable. As for the material it is very thin, defiantly more of a summer coat! It doesn't feel waterproof either so you would defiantly need an umbrella if it rains. 

As I had to order the medium there is a lot of material around the bottom of the coat. This is the style of the coat anyway as it flares out to give you more shape. However because I had to order a bigger size there is more material at the bottom than I really need. It doesn't look too bad, as it is just does up by the belt you can easily overlap the material to make it look better. The coat is not long as it says so in the description/name it comes to just below the bum which to me is not a long coat at all. I knew it wasn't going to be long from the photos that other girls have posted wearing the coat. The good thing about the website is that if bloggers have brought and worn the items they can upload an image. Which is very helpful as you can see what it looks like on a person. 

Overall it is quite a nice coat, if I wanted to wear it now I would defiantly need to layer up and wear a chunky scarf because of how thin it is! The shape of the coat defiantly will add some curves to the figure because it flares out at the bottom almost like a skater dress type style. I do really like it and I am looking forward to wearing it when the weather warms up a bit! 

Wearing the coat: 

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