Sensationail & OPI nail envy review

I recently got brought Sensationail as a Christmas present off my parents, my mom allowed me to test it out a week or so before Christmas to make sure that it works. So far I have used it three times using a different colour each time.

'The SensatioNail™ Starter Kit contains all you need for 10 perfect Gel Polish applications including 

the exclusive Pro 3060 LED Lamp to cure to a glossy, damage proof finish in seconds. Depending on 

amount used'

I got the red starter kit which comes with:

Led lamp & cable
red gel colour (scarlett red)
clear gel colour
lint free pads
nail file 
cuticle stick

The kit was brought from Boots for £80ish I think it was, my parents also brought me the remover liquid (£6) and the metal tool that helps remove the gel (£5).

It says that the kit allows you to have gel nail polish on for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks you could take it all off or just fill in the growth gap. 

For the first application I used the scarlett red with fake nail tips as my nails were quite short. I found the application to be very quick and easy to use, the only thing that took ages to do was cutting down and applying the nail tips. 

You get a step by step instruction leaflet that comes with the kit, but here is a quick step by step on what you have to do:

- first to file and cleanse the nails with the cleanser and lint free pad
- then add primer around the edges of the nail in a circle shape
- add a base coat with the clear gel, cap off the nail and cure for 30 seconds (the machine will beep at 30 seconds and turn off after 1 minute)
- add the first coat of the colour, cap off the nail and cure for 60 seconds
- add second coat of the colour, cap off the nail and cure for 60 seconds
- add top clear coat, cap off the nail and cure for 30 seconds
- wipe away the moisture using a lint free pad and the gel cleanser

As the lamp is small I can only fit in 4 fingers at once, I found it best to do the one hand first then the other as you are not meant to touch the nails until you have finished as there is a moisture layer which you need to wipe away at the end. 

Here is a photo of my first attempt, scarlett red with nail tips:

Second attempt using Midnight Rendevous (black):

Taking off the gel polish, I didn't buy the kit you can get which has foils I just made my own. I put some of the remover onto a cotton wool ball put this onto my nail then wrapped my nail/finger in foil, I left this on for a while then removed all of this. The polish was loose I just had to use the remover metal tool to help get off any stubborn bits:

Third attempt using Miss Behave (dark red)

For me the gel polish lasts just over a week, the first time one of the fake tips came off so I just took all of it off after about 1 week. The second time it was chipping slightly on about the 9th day, but this happened while I was at work. As I work at H&M I am constantly using my hands to put clothes back onto the hangers etc so they get knocked about a lot. The third time I have only just put on yesterday, it did chip today I accidentally bent my nail back while opening the fridge and so I just had to redo one nail. Apart from this it works really well, it stays on for ages, keeps its shine and my nails don't seem to be breaking as much! 

I am also using OPI's original nail envy as I was told by my cambridge diet consultant who is also a nail technician that this is good to help stop nails from breaking. My nails were very strong which meant that they were heavy so when they got to a certain length they would easily break because of the weight of them. I put the nail envy on before I do my nails, I put on two coats of this. You are meant to put this on every single day but as I have polish on I just do it before I redo my nails. Sometimes I have left my nails for a day or 2 and applied it every day. 

I have noticed that my nails seem more flexible which it is meant to do, normally if I had knocked them like I did earlier my nail would have broken, instead it was just the polish. They are currently at the length they would normally get to before they break off. A couple have broken in the past few weeks but they are more flexible than they were then so I am hoping they don't break again! I have heard of the tea bag trick when a nail starts to break, you put a tiny piece of tea bag over the clip so it seals it and holds it together, so I will try this when it happens. 


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