Hair extensions rant

Since buying the Foxy Locks extensions I haven't really worn them that often because I have had some difficulty matching them to my own hair colour. The colours of my hair extensions still don't fully match my own hair, which is frustrating! I therefore aim to try to get my hair extensions to match over the next few weeks as I really do miss having longer hair!

I want to redye my dark blonde as I recently decided to grow out my fringe (again) my hair is now parted on the right side. I did dye the dark blonde already however some of the lightest bits from the right side going onto the left still aren't ask dark as the others. When I did this I used nice n easy dark blonde, however I did find that the schwarzkopf colour mask in dark blonde came out true to the colour and a lot darker than the dark blonde from nice n easy. I plan to use this again on my own hair as the colour of the extensions are dark enough. However I may take the dark blonde further down which may mean putting a tiny bit on my extensions but I haven't decided yet.

As for my extensions they are very ashy at the moment whereas my hair is quite a yellowish blonde I plan to put some bleach over the extensions. I find as well that the extensions still have their shine to them which my hair has not, so hopefully with the bleaching they will tone down the colour and the shine to make them look more like my own hair.

Edit- next day

After thinking about it over night I have decided to leave my hair to grow just a little bit more before I start to wear my extensions again. I want to have more length to my own hair and then to cut in some long layers as my own hair has now grown to be all one length. It doesn't blend as well because of this and so the long layers would help my hair blend in a lot better. Once I have achieved this it shall be a lot easier to help my extensions blend and then I can sort the colour out. I have also been thinking about changing the colour of my hair to a different shade of blonde so I don't want to dye my extensions until I am 100% sure of what colour I want my hair to be.


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